SecureTrack Developer Guide

This guide provides examples and documentation for using the API to SeRo Systems / Nexteon Technologies’ SecureTrack service. The API is based on the high-performance, open-source remote procedure call framework gRPC and the associated data serialization mechanism Protocol Buffers.

While gRPC and Protocol Buffers provide developers and users direct access to our system’s data in a platform- and language-independent manner, SeRo Systems can provides additional tools and libraries for common languages to simplify access to the device and its data.

For a better understanding of the API and its capabilities, we recommend reading the documentation covering the gRPC Interface first and then proceed with language-specific bindings. Information on the exact definitions and units of responses from the API can also be found in Protocol Buffers Definition.

Also check out SecureTrack Use Case Examples for inspirations for how to use our API.



  • Revision of the documentation

  • Cleaned up comments in proto file

  • Added use cases


  • Added horizontal reference direction field for surface heading to ADS-B vectors

  • Added fields for category set and code within set to ADS-B vector

  • Fixed some comments:

    • Corrected unit of turn angle in MLAT Vector to degrees per second

    • Removed mentioning of Comm-B